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Track Guest Location

Our interactive map lets users see their location in your park – as well as provide you with heat maps of where your customers are spending the majority of their time.

Push Notifications

Use push notifications to drive traffic throughout the park! Target guests directly based on location or demographics and reach out to them with promotions, reminders, работа москва and advertisements.

Editable Map

Making changes to the map for certain events? No problem! Our team of designers will be happy to help assist in making any changes to make sure the map is always up to date.

Search Nearby

No matter what they are looking for, our search functionality will point them in the right direction!

Plan The Day

With our booking features, guests can quickly and easily save their place in line, pre-order their meals,med advice and skip the line for shows.

View Menus and Shopping

Guests can click on shops or restaurants at any time and scroll through the menu or items for sale as well as order their food and buy souvenirs to pick up later or have delivered to their room.


Centralized Ticketing

Say goodbye to long queue times and confusion at the front gates. PASSMATE holds all tickets and accesses through an easy to use QR code or wristband. Tickets purchased online or through stores can be scanned, validated, and used with the same code!

Season Pass Registration & Management

Whether it is purchasing, registering, or renewing a season pass, it is all made easy with PASSMATE.

Data Insights

Through tracking payments, ticketing, and location, PASSMATE is able to supply you with advanced www.de.medadvice.net insights into how people are spending both their time and money and help you to improve the overall guest experience of your park.

Centralized Payments

With their QR code or wristband, guests can make hassle-free purchases throughout the park.


Hotel access has never been easier! With their app or wristband, visitors can unlock their rooms without worrying about losing their key or having copies made.

Custom Rewards Programs

Build custom and targeted rewards programs for customers! With PASSMATE, you can build in rewards programs that thank guests for purchasing the things that they like

-linked accounts-

Linked Groups

Guests can link accounts with friends and family to always see where their group members are in the parkhttps://es.medadvice.net/clerel-skin/ and never worry about losing someone again.

Social Sharing

Allow your guests to promote your park for you! With PASSMATE, photos taken on rides and throughout the park can be uploaded to guest photo albums and shared with their linked friends!

Managed Accounts

Parents are able to pre-load their children’s accounts for spending while at your park and add to the balance at any time from any place. Whether their child is on a field trip or they are letting them walk around on their own, they never have to worry about them losing or running out of cash again.



Better Insights

Through our ticketing, payment, and location service solutions, we are able to give you an advanced look into your customer interests and habits while they are visiting your park. PASSMATE provides you with the data and shows you how to use it to keep your guests coming back time and time again.

Targeted Marketing

Target your guests like never before! By tracking and collecting your guests’ data, PASSMATE helps you to identify the interests of your customers and equips you with the proper channels to reach them. Through our customizable rewards programs, push notifications, and advertising, you will be able to anticipate exactly what your customers want and promote it to them.

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Better Guest Experience

PASSMATE’s data gives your park the ability to know more about your guests than ever before! Using our data, you can anticipate the needs of your guests and use this to help with staffing, stocking merchandise, and picking which menu items to sell.

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